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Please give yourself a score from 1 to 7 based on your current skill level.

  1. Serve

    1. (1st) Serve
    2. (2nd) Serve
    3. Serve & Volley
  2. Return Of Serve

    1. Forehand
    2. Backhand
  3. Forehand GroundStroke

    1. Flat Forehand
    2. Topspin Forehand
    3. Slice Forehand
  4. Backhand GroundStroke

    1. Flat Backhand
    2. Topspin Backhand
    3. Slice Backhand
  5. Net Play

    1. Forehand Volley
    2. Overhead
    3. Backhand Volley
    4. Drop Shot
  6. Lob

    1. Forehand Lob
    2. Backhand Lob
  7. Athleticism

    1. Speed
    2. Endurance
    3. Agility
  8. Court Ethics

    1. Sportmanship
    2. Line Calls
  9. Match Play

    1. Consistency
    2. Anticipation
    3. Developing a Game Plan
    4. Finding Opponents Weakness
    5. Concentration
    6. Reactions Under Pressure
    7. Rate your Offensive Game
    8. Confidence
    9. Rate your Defensive Game
Tennis Canada sanctioned Self-Rating Guide abbreviated version
1.5 : Lack of consistency rallying and serving.
2.0 : lacks control, inconsistent. Favours forehands over backhands.Service Double faults are common.
2.5 : Can rally consistenly 10 balls in a row, mostly on the forehand, moderate speed. Becoming at ease at the net. First serve in inconsistent (less than 50%).
3.0 : Able to rally consistently 10 balls in a row on forehands and backhands.
3.5 : Able to move the opponent around the court or hit harder when receiving easier balls. Can execute approach shots
4.0 : Able to develop points with some consistency by using a reliable combination of shots.
4.5 : Can use a variety of spins. good steadiness.
5.0 : Consistent 10 ball rally, 10 fast balls. Dominant shot. Deep crosscourt volley. Overhead can be hit from almost any position. First serve can win points
5.5 : Recognizable all court player or, an aggressive baseliner, a serve and volleyer, or a retriever. good anticipation no major weaknesses and can counterattack effectively against a hard ball, wide ball or in passing shot situations.…
6.0 : This player has intensive training for national tournament competition at the junior level and collegiate levels and has obtained a provincial and/or national "open" ranking.
6.5 : This Player has extensive international "open" level tournament experience at the entry professional level (challenger or satellite experience
7.0 : A world class professional tennis player.

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